Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks, You.

Blind. Crippled. Deaf. 105 years old. Who’d really be there for you?

For me, that list is short. That list is short for most people. Especially those of us who don’t have children. Sadly, that list is still short for many of us that do.

What causes a person to voluntarily tend to someone else in there time of need? I’ve seen a woman invest all her lifelong love into a child and be ignored by that very same child in her time of need, only to be rescued by another she’s ignored all her life.

It’s all about the values instilled in us.

Prayerfully, there is something inculcated in each individual that directs tending to the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. It is each of us, knowing right from wrong, that decides to care for those in need among us. Ironically, in most circumstances, there is no amount of pain, love, neglect, or worship on the part of the one in need that will change that. It’s just who we are. Many have cared for someone they barely know in sickness or old age. Some have even come to the rescue of their own abusers in times of need.

My mother told me a story about my nephew today. Not even ten years old, he volunteers to take out the trash. Undoubtedly, he’s learned this from his parents. It occurred to me, without a doubt, this child will be there for his grandmother. In his mind this is simply how things are done, and I’m certain he will carry that with him into adulthood. Selfishly, I also realize this child will be there for me as well. No matter what. His parents have instilled in him this subtle thing of right and wrong that will guide how he treats people for the rest of his life.

In some selfish way, when we care for others and teach our children to do the same, we are really tending to ourselves. Raising a generation of children who’ll refuse to turn their backs on those in need. We’re leading by example. It’s something not only to be proud of, but to be grateful for. Grateful that this example will propagate through generations, thus serving us all.

Thank you to those who selflessly sacrifice for the well-being of others. It’s not said enough that you make the world a better place for us ALL.